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Continental Europe

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Reports and publications below concern ENTSO-E’s synchronous Continental Europe zone.

2018 Reports

2017 Reports


Inertia Report

The report analyses the impact of reduced system inertia of the power system of Continental Europe caused by a shift of generation from classical synchronous generation to power-electronic based non-synchronous generation. By performing calculations with a mean frequency dynamic model, responses are given with respect to the required Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode response to Overfrequency (LFSM-O) by using the admissible rate of change of system frequency (RoCoF) as one of the main input parameters.

Inertia Report​

Blackout in Turkey on 31st March 2015

The detailed report on the third serious event in the Continental European power system within the last 15 years analyses the general system conditions, the sequence of events, the main causes, the critical factors, the power system restoration, the short term and medium term measures and, conclusions and recommendations.

Download the Final report on the Blackout in Turkey 31st March 2015 (V1.0)

Wide Area Monitoring – Current Continental Europe TSOs Applications Overview (September 2015)

The report reflects the current use of Wide Area Monitoring application and tools within the Continental European system. It can be expected that future cooperation and coordination between TSOs will lay the foundation of a more comprehensive system observability.

​Download Wide Area Monitoring Report (V5)

Dynamic Line Rating for Overhead Lines​ (May 2015)

Based on the need to use more intensively the transmission system infrastructure TSOs have started to investigate which measures are suitable in order to reach this goal.

One of the possible options is the dynamic line rating. This technique allows to gain variable transmission line limits by using environmental cooling or heating conditions as one major input factor. 

This report aims to provide an overview of the different ways that TSOs implement this technique in overhead lines.

Download the Dynamic Line Rating for Overhead Lines​ V6 - Continental Europe TSOs Current Practice

Solar Eclipse Impact Analysis (March 2015)

​​​European TSOs have been preparing for the solar eclipse that is due to take place on 20 March 2015. Due to the amount of solar generation involved, the risk of an incident under clear sky condition has been taken seriously.

​The 20 March eclipse is an unprecedented event for the European power system. This justifies the meticulous preparations of the TSOs and the additional operational measures they are planning closer to and during the event.

The Solar Eclipse Impact Analysis details the expected impact of the eclipse per country and the countermeasures TSOs are independently and collectively putting in place.

This solar eclipse illustrates that maintaining system safety and security of supply in a context of more and more volatile and dispersed generation is becoming increasingly difficult. TSOs are promoting solutions to meet this challenge, notably through all ENTSO-E's main work products, position and policy papers​. 


Further Reports and Studies