System Operations

The System Operation specifies what transmission system operators should do in managing their grid. The fact that the generation mix in Europe is integrating more and more renewables, that there is more and more interconnections and cross-border competition has been considered in the System Operation Guideline. It lays the ground for the next power system and for example makes regional coordination a legal obligation for grid operators.

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Published Regulation

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Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1485

establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation

Implementation - Making the code a reality

Implementation Studies

FTI Study - Options for the future of power system regional coordination & Regional Security Coordinators.


Annual Reports

Annual reports on incident classification scale, load frequency control and year ahead scenarios


SYS related Deliverables

European Stakeholder Committee

History & Development of the network code

The System Operation Guideline is one of the network codes/guidelines drafted under the Third Energy Package. In 2015, the European Commission, ACER and ENTSO-E agreed to merge the three operational network codes into a single System Operation Guideline during their preparatory work for Comitology.

The new guideline is composed of the former network codes on Operational Planning and Scheduling (NC OPS), Operational Security (NC OS), and Load Frequency Control and Reserve (NC LFCR).

On 1 December the European Commission published the version of the Regulation establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation that was sent to electricity cross-border committee. The first meeting of the electricity cross-border committee on the System Operation Guideline is scheduled on 11 December 2015.

On 4 May 2016 the Member States gave a favourable opinion on the Draft Regulation establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation – the System Operation Guideline.

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