Requirements for Generators

The Network Code on Requirements for Generators is harmonising standards that generators must respect to connect to the grid. These harmonised standards across Europe will boost the market of generation technology and increase competitiveness.​

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of 14 April 2016

establishing a network code on requirements for grid connection of generators

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Below you will find the Frequently asked questions relating to the network code Requirements for Generators.

The Network Code on Requirements for Generators is seen as one of the main drivers for creating harmonised solutions and products necessary for an efficient pan-European (and global) market in generator technology. The purpose of this network code is to bring forward a set of coherent requirements in order to meet these challenges of the future.​

Status Update (April 2016)

NC Requirements for Generators published in Official EU Journal and will become a binding EU regulation as of 17 May.

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Latest Status Update (December 2015)

On 26 June 2015, the Network Code on Requirements for Generators was adopted by Member States in Comitology. RfG will now go through scrutiny from the European Parliament and Council.

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ENTSO-E has published implementation guidelines for the NC RfG, to support the code by highlighting the impact on specific technologies, the link with local network characteristics, as well the need for coordination between network operators and grid users.

Download the NC RfG Implementation Guidelines (16/10/2013)

Documents submitted to Acer - March 2013:

The final NC RfG package as submitted in July 2012

Past Events Archive

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Stakeholder Advisory Group Meetings

2013-03-07 Public information session
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2012-12-20 COGEN Europe/EHI
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2012-11-22 DSO Technical Expert Group
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2012-06-28 User Group
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2012-05-02 User Group
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2012-04-17 DSO Technical Expert Group
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2011-12-02 Eurelectric WG Thermal/VGB Power Tech and EUTurbines
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2011-08-11 DSO Technical Expert Group
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