Data & Standardisation

ENTSO-E Transparency Platform

Transparency has improved markedly over the past few years, with new rules under EU Regulation 543/2013 on submission and publication of data in electricity markets making European electricity market information more precise and comparable. It is now mandatory for EU Members States to submit fundamental information related to electricity generation, load, transmission and electricity balancing, which ENTSO-E now publishes on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform as of 5 January 2015.

Grid Map

The ENTSO-E grid map is an illustration of the transmission system network operated by members of the European Network of Transmission System Operators. This means that network elements are not located at their real geographic location. In general the map shows all transmission lines designed for 220kV voltage and higher and generation stations with net generation capacity of more than 100MW.

The Energy Identification Coding (EIC) Scheme

Within ENTSO-E’s Working Group Electronic Data Interchange, a coding scheme has been developed, managed and maintained to facilitate cross-border exchanges and to efficiently and reliably identify different objects and parties relating to the IEM and its operations. This is known as the Energy Identification Coding (EIC) scheme, approved by ENTSO-E for the harmonisation and implementation of standardised electronic data interchanges.