Legal and Regulatory Group

ENTSO-E and all Transmission System Operators need to operate in a clear and safe legal and regulatory framework. The Legal and Regulatory Group (LRG), chaired by Fokke Elskamp from TenneT TSO B.V., the Netherlands, provides the appropriate and competent legal and regulatory support to all other bodies of ENTSO-E. The Secretariat Legal Section supports the LRG but also has a broad mandate to support the Secretariat on all legal issues. ​

The LRG mission is to establish and maintain the legal and regulatory compliance of ENTSO-E as the European platform for TSO cooperation that promotes the operation and development of the European transmission system and the internal market for electricity. The LRG’s main objective is to ensure high legal and regulatory quality and consistency in all ENTSO-E activities.

The LRG advises the Bodies of ENTSO-E upon request or on its own initiative on legal issues as well as on the positioning of ENTSO-E in the evolution of the regulatory framework. Furthermore, it is the task of the LRG to ensure the legal and regulatory compliance of ENTSO-E’s activities, including for example the network codes.

All members of the legal section are supporting the LRG and the other bodies of the Association.

LRG Mission

The LRG is entrusted with the following tasks:

  1. Provide advice to the Assembly, the Board, the Committees and the Secretariat in legal and regulatory issues;
  2. Monitor EU legislation and other relevant regulations and decisions;
  3. Elaborate in cooperation with the relevant ENTSO-E bodies, the strategic positioning of ENTSO-E to be disclosed to EU, ERGEG/CEER, ACER and other relevant stakeholders in the evolution of the regulatory framework;
  4. Prepare responses to EU consultation documents; and
  5. Ensure that ENTSO-E’s activities are in compliance with EU rules and regulations; e.g. cross checking position documents prepared by the ENTSO-E bodies and cross checking that formal (procedure) rules have been followed.
Legal and Regulatory Group