FAQs on Regional Coordination

What is a Regional Coordinator Center?
The Regional Coordination Centres (RCCs) are established by the Electricity Regulation and as of 1 July 2022 replace the regional security coordinators (RSCs) foreseen by the System Operation Guideline. RCCs cover the tasks carried out by RSCs as well as additional system operation, market related and risk preparedness tasks. Their tasks include: - supporting the consistency assessment of transmission system operators' defence and restoration plans; - carrying out regional outage planning coordination; - carrying out post-operation and post-disturbances analysis; and - training and certification of staff working for RCCs. In performing their tasks, RCCs contribute to the achievement of the 2030 and 2050 objectives set by the climate and energy policy frameworks (particularly in relation to fostering security of supply and efficiency, as well as increasing the electrification of the energy sector).
Why is regional coordination good for system security?
Coordination allows to take better decisions. For instance, TSOs cooperate to decide which remedial actions close to a national border is the most efficient (measures such as ordering a power plant to start or stop in order to maintain operational security). Coordination between TSOs can also create economies of scale, for instance all TSOs can use the same IT system to perform a certain task. European regions have always been the natural place for TSOs to cooperate. The closer a country is from another, the more impact they have on each other’s power system.
Why Regional Coordination is good for customers?
TSO coordination through the RCCs/RSCs increases efficiency in system operation, minimises risks of wide area events, such as brownouts or blackouts, and lower costs through maximised availability of transmission capacity to market participants. The fact that RCCs/RSCs do not have actual grid control limits the risk of pan-European incidents including cyber-attacks.

For more information on how TSO regional coordination developed,
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