System Development Reports

​Developing a secure, reliable, sustainable and economically viable European electricity grid that supports Europe’s growth is the core mission of the ENTSO-E’s System Development Committee (SDC), supported by the Secretariat SDC Team.

The mission of SDC is strategic, as the committee is producing some of the major legally mandated ENTSO-E publications such as the TYNDP and the Outlook Reports. These are cornerstone publications for all stakeholders, policy makers, investors, industry representatives, consumer organisations, and NGOs interested in or impacted by the development of Europe’s electricity grid.

  • TYNDP – One of the main legally mandated deliverables of ENTSO-E on which pan-European investment decisions are taken.

  • Offshore Development – Holistic planning of a more complex but integrated system

  • Scenarios – Scenarios are a prerequisite for any study analysing the future of the European energy system. They describe possible European energy futures up to 2050. Scenarios are not forecasts: they merely set out a range of possible futures used to test future electricity and gas infrastructure needs and projects.

  • Seasonal Reports – Twice a year publication giving a pan European assessment of security of supply ahead of winter and summer periods, with proposed remedial actions to answer potential issues.

  • ERAA – A pan-European monitoring assessment of power system resource adequacy of up to 10 years ahead. Building on the work done with the Mid-term Adequacy Forecast (MAF), the ERAA is a leap forward in system modelling. It is based upon state-of-the-art methodologies and probabilistic assessments, aiming to model and analyse possible events which can adversely impact the balance between supply and demand of electric power.

  • ENTSOs - Interlinkages Focus Study - Investigation on the interlinkage between gas and electricity scenarios and infrastructure projects assessment.