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Deterministic Frequency Deviation

Within the last ten years, and in parallel with the development of electricity markets, a new phenomenon has been observed. This phenomenon consists in a significant deviation of the system frequency from the set point called Deterministic Frequency Deviation (DFD). The time periods in which the current system frequency considerably deviate from 50 Hz have been continuously increasing during load ramping hours; in the morning and in the evening.

A joint Ad hoc working group composed of experts from SOC, MC and EURELECTRIC has been set up in order to analyse the origin of the deterministic frequency deviations; to evaluate impact; and to propose mitigation solution. The results and recommendations of the analysis are concentrated in two reports. While the first report is focused on the root causes of DFD, the main target of the second report is to analyse and propose counter measures and assess their impact.

DFD: root causes and proposals for potential solutions (22 Febraury 2012) DFD: 2nd stage impact analysis (March 2013)

Solar Eclipse Impact Analysis (March 2015)

​​​European TSOs have been preparing for the solar eclipse that is due to take place on 20 March 2015. Due to the amount of solar generation involved, the risk of an incident under clear sky condition has been taken seriously.

​The 20 March eclipse is an unprecedented event for the European power system. This justifies the meticulous preparations of the TSOs and the additional operational measures they are planning closer to and during the event.

The Solar Eclipse Impact Analysis details the expected impact of the eclipse per country and the countermeasures TSOs are independently and collectively putting in place.

This solar eclipse illustrates that maintaining system safety and security of supply in a context of more and more volatile and dispersed generation is becoming increasingly difficult. TSOs are promoting solutions to meet this challenge, notably through all ENTSO-E’s main work products, position and policy papers​.

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