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ENTSO-E Initial Dynamic Model of Continental Europe

​​​​​The model describes the general dynamic behaviour of the ENTSO-E Continental Europe power system and is suitable for transient analysis. The model is able to represent the main frequency response of the system as well as the main inter-area oscillation modes.

The use of this model is recommended exclusively under the supervision of a System Protection and Dynamics sub group expert. Any party who wishes to access the Initial Dynamic Models provided by ENTSO-E will be required to sign a Confidentiality Undertaking after which access can be provided. To request access please complete the Request form and send it to Alexander Mondovic.

Initial Dynamic Model Technical Description

In order to simplify the model and be able to make the network data available to third parties, a few simplification and anonymisation steps were performed. However, all these adjustments were done in such a way that the dynamic behaviour of the power system is not affected. More details can be found in the Initial Dynamic Model Instruction manual.

The model is currently available in PowerFactory, Netomac, Eurostag and PSS/E proprietary format.

​[Paper] Dynamic Study Model for the Interconnected Power System of Continental Europe in Different Simulation Tools

This paper presented at​ PowerTech Eindhoven 2015 conference (Towards Future Power Systems and Emerging Technologies), describes the development process of the Dynamic Study Model (DSM) for t​he synchronously interconnected power system of Continental Europe in different simulation tools.

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