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CGMES Conformity

​​​​​​​​​​​The interoperability of the applications used by TSOs for operational and system development exchanges is crucial and ENTSO-E has the objective to ensure the interoperability via compliance of those applications with the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) requirements (now IEC specifications TS 61970-600-1 and 61970-600-2)​. Thus ENTSO-E approved the CGMES Conformity Assessment Framework which establishes services:

  • to facilitate the elaboration of the IEC specifications TS 61970-600-1 and 61970-600-2,
  • the implementation of the European network codes, and
  • the elaboration of the system development studies, specific power system analysis software and IT systems (both hereafter referred to as Applications) that are used to ensure smooth data exchanges between TSOs.

The current design of the CGMES Conformity Assessment Scheme v2.0 allows assessment of the applications only on certain CGMES functionalities that are supported by the assessed Application, i.e. a theoretical approach is used when initially defining the conformity scheme. Hence declarations of conformity and attestations of conformity shall not be used as a confirmation that an application is fully covering requirements on a specific business process.

It is planned to further develop the CGMES Conformity Scheme to cover relevant procedures and test use cases, so as to be able to test and declare the applications used by TSOs as conform to the requirements of the business processes such as DACF and other operational planning exchanges as well as long term planning data exchanges.


Conformity Assessment Scheme v2.0

Conformity assessment scheme v2.0​​ defines the complete set of documentation (related version of the IEC specifications TS 61970-600-1 and 61970-600-2, test configurations, test procedures, etc​.) valid for this version. 

Version v2.0 of the Conformity Assessment Scheme is now available and includes the following documentation:

Suppliers of Applications supporting IEC specifications TS 61970-600-1 and 61970-600-2​ are requested to use the available documentation and test configuration, and submit their Declaration of Conformity at earliest convenience. Version v2.0 of the CGMES Conformity Assessment Scheme is a revision update of some of the test configurations.

Suppliers that have already submitted their Declaration of Conformity for previous versions of the scheme do not need to perform tests with this new version if their Application version remains the same. ENTSO-E will setup the Review sessions in accordance with the processes defined in the CGMES conformity assessment scheme.

Previous version: CGMES Conformity Scheme v1.1.3​


The models (test configurations) are owned by ENTSO-E and are provided by ENTSO-E “as it is”. To the fullest extent permitted by law, ENTSO-E shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of the use of the models (including any of their subsequent modifications).​

ENTSO-E neither warrants, nor represents that the use of the models will not infringe the rights of third parties. Any use of the models shall include a reference to ENTSO-E. ENTSO-E web site is the only official source of information related to these models.​

For further details and any que​stions on the CGMES conformity assessment, contact cgmes.conformity@entsoe.eu