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Statistical Factsheet

​​​​​​​The ENTSO-E Statistical Factsheet (previously known as the Memo) provides 16 pages of annually updated essential information and data on ENTSO-E and its 43 member TSOs in a handy format. ​​


Within this factsheet, you​​ will find the following information:

  • ENTSO-E in figures
  • Generation
  • Physical energy flows
  • Development of exchanges (shows the exchange evolution since ENTSO-E’s inception in 2009)
  • Highest and lowest hourly load value of each country
  • ENTSO-E peak load (uses monthly hourly load values)
  • Grid information (overview of the number of cross-frontier-lines for all voltages of AC lines above or equal to 110kV and all DC lines, and a table of the total number of lines in the ENTSO-E area)
  • ENTSO-E members
  • ENTSO-E structure

Please note that the Statistical Factsheets are only available in pdf format for download and not available as hard copy orders.​

October 2017 - Minor update to renewable net generation “Not identified” for Austria.​

(Updated) Download 2016 Factsheet​

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