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Yearly Statistics & Adequacy Retrospect

​​​​The YS&AR report 2016 will not be published this year. 
All data can be found in the Mid Term Adequacy Forecast ​(report and dataset).​​
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​​​​​​​​​​The ENTSO-E Yearly Statistics & Adequacy Retrospect (YS&AR) is a statistical report presenting the key features of Europe’s electricity market with graphics and charts. It provides a wide range of definitive data and figures on ENTSO-E member transmission system operators’ power systems – including production, consumption, cross-border exchanges and network components.

The YS&AR is issued once the data is definitive and complements two other ENTSO-E statistical publications, Electricity in Europe and the Statistical Factsheet, which are based on provisional data.

The YS&AR is published together with all the background data used in separate spreadsheets making it a very useful tool for stakeholders. It comes in addition to ENTSO-E’s data portal which makes already a lot of information available for the public and interested parties.

The first edition of the YS&AR was published in 2013 covering the year 2012. It combined and replaced two former ENTSO-E reports, the Statistical Yearbook and the System Adequacy Retrospect.

The fourth edition was released on 29​ May 2017.

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Previous Editions



Yearly Statistics & Adequacy Retrospect 2013
The data presented in this edition covers 2013 and indicates that on ENTSO-E’s power system:

  • Electricity consumption decreased by -1.3% (-1.0% when taking into account the fact that year 2012 was a leap year - one day more);
  • Net Generating Capacity (NGC) increased again, but the increase from 2012 to 2013 (14 GW) was not as large as from 2011 to 2012 (43 GW);
  • Unavailable Capacity increase was of the same order of magnitude as the NGC increased
    (13.6 GW on average): this is because more and more power comes from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), large percentages of which are often unavailable.