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ENTSO-E On-Line Application Portal for TYNDP input datasets

ENTSO-E makes the pan-European power transmission grid datasets used to prepare the TYNDP 2016 available to third parties. The available datasets would assist research and innovation projects in the energy sector in Europe by providing a realistic representation of the European power system; allowing users to validate innovative methods and tools for power system analyses.

Ensuring data quality and confidentiality requirements (especially reqarding connected customers data), ENTSO-E prepared the 2030 Vision 1 and 2020 EP2020 datasets with data on lines transmission capacity, transformer regulation, shunts and reactive power data for different elements, which enables load flow calculations when using the dataset.

The datasets are available in spreadsheets to institutions (universities, companies, IGOs, NGOs, etc.), upon simple request with confidentiality undertaking to ENTSO-E.

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