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ENTSO-E On-Line Application Portal for Network Datasets

​The datasets represent the power systems of the ENTSO-E members for future state of the power system, used for long term planning. The available datasets would assist research and innovation projects in the energy sector in Europe by providing a realistic representation of the European power system; allowing users to validate innovative methods and tools for power system analyses.

The datasets become quickly very rich and complex to handle, although expectations are very different, requiring quite simple ore more advanced modelling. The datasets must also comply with legal provisions, regarding grid safety, data publication limitations in all countries and confidentiality of third party (connected customers) involved data. In order to meet users’ expectations and legal requirements, ENTSO-E proposes a step-by-step approach to progressively make more data available while preserving key confidentiality requirements and data quality.

While the transparency platform or TYNDP market studies data are downloadable, grid datasets are available to institutions (universities, registered associations, companies, etc.) either as standard material upon simple request; or for more advanced data, upon request, with a specific description and signature of a Non-Disclosure-Agreement.

In this framework, ENTSO-E makes the following datasets available: