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ENTSO-E produces several statistical reports, which provide timely and consistent data on power systems of member TSOs:

  • Statistical Factsheet - A general publication that compiles updated essential information and data on ENTSO-E and its 41 member TSOs in a handy format.

  • Electricity in Europe –​ This report provides early analysis in text and graphics of the major provisional ​electricity transmission statistics and trends from the previous year, in advance of the definitive Yearly Statistics & Adequacy Retrospect report.

  • Yearly Statistics and Adequacy Retrospect (YS & AR) - This report provides a wide range of yearly figures on member transmission system operators' power systems – including production, consumption, cross-border exchanges and network components.

To report on those cases where the situation of a given country does not match the definitions provided on the ENTSO-E Metadata Repository, a document on specific national considerations is made available.
This includes specifications relating to the geographical perimeter (when data is collected on a perimeter that does not exactly correspond to the perimeter of the country), representativity (when the data delivered does not represent 100% of a given geographical perimeter, but only a part of it), and other aspects concerning quality, availability and interpretation of data.

The document is updated on a regular basis, the last version dates of 19 December 2014 and can be viewed from the link below: