The report includes a summary of the test results, tool information, test procedures and the current draft of the 2nd edition of the ENTSO-E CIM profile produced after the interoperability test. The testing identified important issues to be referred to IEC/WG13 as well as profile related issues, these issues are outlined in the report. The report also highlights the expected developments in CIM before the ENTSO-E IOP 2012 (including full coverage of data exchange for dynamic analyses as well as inclusion of the IEC CIM standards required for modelling of HVDC links, wind turbines and their control systems).

Next Steps The outcome of the test and the latest post-IOP version of the 2nd edition of the ENTSO-E CIM profile developed in the preparatory stage of the testing requires further ENTSO-E discussion and consideration in accordance with the ENTSO-E roadmap for future implementation of the updates to the ENTSO-E CIM profile. ENTSO-E working groups and committees are to discuss and agree on the acceptance of the 2nd edition of the ENTSO-E CIM profile.

A decision on the implementation of this 2nd edition of the profile is expected to be announced before the end of 2011. IOP participants expressed their support to apply a short implementation period for the 2nd edition of the ENTSO-E CIM profile in order to allow the profile to become the official ENTSO-E data exchange format as of the beginning of 2012. This schedule will require approval by ENTSO-E.

First instance of contact for any further information is: Chavdar Ivanov, Ph.D. Research and Development Advisor, ENTSO-E Phone +32 2 741 09 69 Email:

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