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Electronic Data Interchange Library

​​​The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Library contains all the documents and definitions approved by ENTSO-E for the harmonisation and implementation of standardised electronic data interchanges.

Working Group EDI is responsible for the maintenance of all implementation guides concerning information interchange produced by ENTSO-E.

The implementation guides contained in this section are one of the building blocks for using UML-based (Unified Modelling Language) techniques in defining processes and electronic documents for interchange between actors in the electrical industry in Europe.

The guides are generally targeted towards business-to-business application interfaces using the full power of the acknowledgment process. However, it may be equally put into place in a more user-orientated fashion through a web-based service where the key elements of the acknowledgement process are implicit in the service itself.

  • For general information on Electronic Data Interchange, please see the EDI Info Page within the Market section of the website.