Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) Library

The CGMES Library contains all the documents approved by ENTSO-E or IEC for the harmonisation and implementation of standards related to CGMES in both system operation and system development areas. Therefore provided documentation enables exchanges for the data necessary for regional or pan-European grid development studies, and for system operation processes required from the network codes. For any maintenance request on ENTSO-E documents, please use the maintenance request form and send it to

Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) Documents

Common Information Model (CIM) and CIM based documents
CGMES Profiling User Guide
ENTSO-E publication in 2021.
IEC 61970-301 Common information model (CIM) base
International Standard Ed6 since 2016.
IEC 61970-302 Common information model (CIM) dynamics
International Standard Ed1 since 2018.
IEC 61970-452 CIM static transmission network model profiles
International Standard Ed3 since 2017.
IEC 61970-453 Diagram layout profile
International Standard Ed2 since 2014.
IEC 61970-456 Solved power system state profiles
International Standard Ed2 since 2018.
IEC 61970-457 Common Information Model (CIM) for Dynamics Profile
Preliminary work started in 2013.
IEC 61970-552 CIMXML Model exchange format
International Standard Ed2 since 2016.
Metadata and document header
ENTSO-E publication in 2021.
Object Registry
ENTSO-E publication in 2021.
Profile Specification Object Registry
CGMES roadmap
Approved in 2018
Document CGMES roadmap