Core CCR Meetings & Events

Core TSOs value the exchange with stakeholders. In this section, you can find more information on Core CCR’s stakeholder meetings & events.

Core Consultative Group

Twice a year and on ad-hoc basis if deemed necessary, Core project parties organise a Core Consultative Group (CCG) meeting. Aim of the CCG is to provide information to stakeholders about the status of the Core CCR implementation obligations, foreseen market impact, as well as on upcoming changes in Core CCR operations.

The CCG aims to enable stakeholders - and especially market parties - to ask questions, raise concerns, and express suggestions or expectations about the projects implemented in the Core CCR.

Meeting materials of previous Core Consultative Group meetings can be found below. If you would like to be informed about CCG related activities, you can subscribe to the Core Consultative Group Newsletter.

Core Consultative Group meetings


Core CCR is also active in the Market Stakeholder Committee (MESC). More information on the MESC can be found here.

Contact details Core CCR

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