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NTC Values - Intro to the NTC Matrix

In the context of the Internal Electricity Market (IEM), there has been an increasing need from market parties to have a clear understanding of the indicative values for Net Transfer Capacities (NTC) in Europe. Published twice a year on the ENTSO-E website (previously on the ETSO Website), this prototype aims to provide an alternative way to visualize the NTC values that allows the interested parties to have a clearer and user-friendlier vision of the energy trading possibilities throughout the grids of the European countries.

The prototype presents the information on the ENTSO-E website in a more ergonomic way focusing on the maximum cross-border exchange possibilities to/from each country. This new representation mainly consists of a matrix-based representation, which allows having a quick visualization of the exchange possibilities in Europe. As specific functionality of the model, the maximal export/import value to/from each country which intends to take into account the possible interdependencies of the bilateral NTCs values on different borders of one country, in order to have a feasible set of total import/export values for each country, was included.

As an additional feature of the prototype, the publication of a reference case, is also remarkable, providing the users with additional relevant information. To this aim, agreed base case exchange values (BCEs) and forecasted Notified Physical Flows (NPFs) deriving from each country total export or import balance are presented in two different downloadable maps. For further information about the calculation process of the NTC values from the reference case situation, please consult the following document: