Today marks twelve months since the emergency synchronisation of the Continental European power system with the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova. This important milestone was accelerated by the TSOs of Continental Europe to support the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova following the invasion on 24 February 2022 and following a request from the TSOs, Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica.

With the support of Continental European TSOs, Ukrenergo has been able to increase the stability of the grid and maintain the security of its power system through the most difficult periods. In particular, it contributed to minimising the incidents of having to reduce or turn off the supply of electricity to its businesses and citizens in the winter times and also to ensure a faster recovery time for system restoration following the significant attacks and damage to Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

The synchronisation played an important role in managing the challenging winter. With the onset of Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, the synchronisation allowed Ukraine and Moldova to import electricity during the most difficult periods. By opening the possibility of Ukrainian electricity exports in June 2022, it demonstrated the significance of the interconnection for commercial exchanges between EU and Ukraine.

Today, we recognise and embrace the spirit of solidarity between the European TSOs to support the citizens of Ukraine and Moldova. The achievements over the last 12 months could only have been achieved with the strong support of the European Institutions, the Member States, European and National Regulatory agencies including the Energy Community.

ENTSO-E is proud that in April 2022, Ukrenergo became an observer Member of ENTSO-E reinforcing our essential and effective cooperation contributing to the security of the interconnected power system.

ENTSO-E TSOs are committed to supporting Ukrenergo in maintaining a strong and resilient network, reinforcing and expanding existing power lines, providing assistance when necessary.

European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson : “During the past year Ukraine’s power sector and civil infrastructure have been under Russia’s deliberate and targeted attacks. But Ukraine has resisted and rebuilt. The joint operation to synchronise Ukrainian and Moldovan electricity networks in record time meant that Ukraine avoided lasting blackouts and an escalation of the already critical conditions that millions of citizens faced. The synchronisation process, in which ENTSO-E paid a crucial role, is a demonstration of true European unity in action.”

Volodymyr Kudrytskiy, CEO Ukrenergo: “Today we can proudly mark not only the anniversary of the successful synchronisation of the Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-E, but also a year of its resilience. Working side by side with European partners, the Ukrainian energy sector managed to survive probably the most difficult winter in its history and withstand the challenges of the war. Synchronous work with European continental grid played a significant role in helping Ukraine to prevent Russia to carry out its criminal plan to plunge our country into darkness. Despite hundreds of Russian missiles and dozens of drones, there is still light in Ukrainian homes, and it will always be like that. Therefore, being a member of the European energy family and feeling this unwavering support, the Ukrainian energy sector continues to work for the energy security and sustainable energy future of the region”.

Hervé Laffaye, President ENTSO-E: “At ENTSO-E our mission is to ensure security of the interconnected power system. The emergency synchronisation process has been the result of tremendous efforts from all parts and ultimately delivered in fulfilling our goal and at the same time showing support and solidarity to Ukraine and Moldova”

Joachim Vanzetta, Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E: “We are proud of having been able to successfully synchronise the two power systems in a context of emergency and with that supported Ukrainian citizens in coping with the impact of attacks by stabilizing the network through synchronisation.”

Artur Lorkowski, Director Energy Community: “Synchronisation proved European solidarity with Ukraine and Moldova, and paved the way to the full integration of their electricity markets with the European Union within the Energy Community framework. The Energy Community Secretariat will continue supporting required electricity market reforms in Ukraine and Moldova with the objective of achieving market coupling”.

The TSOs of Continental Europe agreed to start the trial synchronisation of the two power systems. This process had been ongoing since 2017 and the acceleration of its implementation was only possible thanks to the studies previously carried out and the adoption of risks mitigation measures.

28 February 2022 Request for emergency synchronisation of Ukrainian power system to Continental Europe power system

1 March 2022 Continental Europe TSOs are fully committed to the synchronisation with Ukraine and Moldova power systems

16 March 2022 Continental Europe successful synchronisation with Ukraine and Moldova power systems

26 April 2022 ENTSO-E welcomes Ukrenergo as Observer Member

8 June 2022 Continental Europe TSOs confirm the technical pre-conditions for the gradual opening of electricity trade with Ukraine

28 June 2022 Commercial exchanges of electricity with Ukraine/Moldova to start on 30 June

29 July 2022 Electricity of Continental Europe agree to increase the trade capacity with the Ukraine/Moldova power system

4 September 2022 Further increase in the trade capacity with the Ukraine/Moldova power system

22 September 2022 Further update on the trading capacity with Ukraine/Moldova

16 February 2023 Further increase in the trade capacity with the Ukraine/Moldova power system