On 27 February, the Continental Europe TSOs received an urgent request from Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian TSO, for an emergency synchronization of the Ukrainian power system, including the Burshtyn island, with the Continental Europe power system.

ENTSO-E and particularly the Continental Europe member TSOs fully appreciate the importance of this request. The TSOs will urgently assess all the options available to meet the request of Ukrenergo and to ensure the safe operation of the power systems.

The Continental Europe TSOs have a synchronous project ongoing since 2017 and are working in close coordination with Ukrenergo. The TSOs and their expert groups are now arranging an assessment as a matter of priority to identify measures to support the electricity supply to Ukraine.

ENTSO-E recognizes the exceptional efforts of Ukrenergo to operate and maintain the power system in these difficult times and will continue to support their efforts.