The International Grid Control Cooperation or ‘IGCC’ was first established in 2011 to avoid the activation of counter-acting activation of aFRR balancing energy through the process known as imbalance netting. The cooperation has grown and currently counts with thirteen TSOs performing the imbalance netting process in a coordinated manner. These TSOs are: 50Hertz (DE), APG (AT), Amprion (DE), CEPS (CZ), Eles (SI), Elia (BE), Energinet (DK), HOPS (HR), RTE (FR), Swissgrid (CH), TenneT (DE), TenneT (NL) and TransnetBW (DE).

IGCC is working towards meeting the requirements of the guideline on electricity balancing (EB Regulation) by facilitating the accession of the remaining continental European TSOs, to further increase efficiency and operational security in the European power system.

ENTSO-E and IGCC are pleased to announce that a milestone towards the fulfilment of this goal is reached on 27 January 2020, with the start of operational participation of the TSO from Italy, Terna, in IGCC. By this, the number of TSOs exchanging energy by using IGCC grows to fourteen TSOs.

A high-level planning of the future start of operational participation of TSOs to IGCC is available in the IGCC website.