The Continental European (CE) Power System – which is a large electrical area stretching from Spain to Turkey and from Poland to Netherlands; encompassing 25 countries- is experiencing a system frequency deviation from the mean value of 50 Hz, since late 2017.

The power deviations are originating from the Serbian control area. The power deviations have led to a slight decrease in the electric frequency average.

ENTSO-E has been in discussion with EMS and KOSTT on possible ways forward to solve the CE Deviations issue. It is of extreme importance to solve this issue in short term, especially in the context of this winter period. These efforts are aimed at ending further time deviations and financial implications and ultimately to avoid a potential black-out in Europe.

ENTSO-E’s efforts are thus focused to return the CE power system to stable operational control. This is clearly not only in the interest of ENTSO-E and its members, but indeed in the general public interest.

ENTSO-E’s role is to facilitate a solution between EMS and KOSTT. Last week, ENTSO-E’s Regional Group Continental Europe ‘RGCE’, representing all TSOs of the 25 countries in the Continental Europe synchronous area, voted on a proposal to resolve the CE deviations. The proposal is aimed at supporting a basis for a temporary solution and is not to impose any principle on either TSO.

ENTSO-E’s proposal received broad support from TSOs, even though the work-in-progress version of the Operational principles could not be approved. ENTSO-E continues its discussions with EMS and KOSTT.

Finally, ENTSO-E would like to reiterate that its role is to promote the reliable operation, optimal management and sound technical evolution of the European electricity transmission system in order to ensure security of supply. It will continue its efforts to put an end to the frequency deviation observed since late 2017.

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