The cause for the frequency deviations – a political dispute between the Serb and Kosovar authorities on electricity – has not been solved, despite continuous efforts from the EU supported by ENTSO-E.

A new compensation programme has been put in place by the Continental European TSOs that automatically kicks in when the grid time deviation exceeds 60 seconds. This was the case on 6 of July. The grid time deviation is now being rectified thanks to the kick-off of this compensation programme.

ENTSO-E continues to call on all parties involved to take every possible action to implement a solution. ENTSO-E welcomes the important and continued efforts of the European Union to come up with a political agreement.

As announced in spring, the Continental European TSOs and ENTSO-E are considering possible sanctions if it appears that there is a deliberate unwillingness of the TSOs involved to find a solution.

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