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Inclusion of Projects in the TYNDP 2016 - Procedure and Guidelines

The type of projects that can be included in the TYNDP and the process that a project follows before being included in the TYNDP have evolved over time. Below you can find information relating to the TYNDP 2016.

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What types of projects can be included in the TYNDP?

  • The European Commission has published in March 2015 its Draft Guidelines on equal treatment and transparency criteria to be applied by ENTSO-E when developing its TYNDP 2016 as set out in Annex III 2(5) of Regulation (EU) No 347/2013). This guidelines include all the legal and technical criteria a project has to fulfil for inclusion in the TYNDP.

  • Only transmission and storage infrastructure projects meeting all the criteria set by the Commission can be taken into account in the TYNDP. Projects can be promoted by ENTSO-E members and non-ENTSO-E members.

When to submit a project for inclusion in the TYNDP?

ENTSO-E organises a call for submission of projects in the TYNDP in compliance with the EU legislation and the European Guidelines. The call for submission for the TYNDP 2016 was organised during the month of March 2015.

What happens after a project is submitted?

ENTSO-E verifies if the project meets all the criteria set in the European Commission Guidelines. The candidate list of projects is then published and put up for public consultation by ENTSO-E again following EU legislation and Commission Guidelines. After analysis of the consultation results, ENTSO-E releases the final list of projects that will be included and assessed within the TYNDP.

Where are we with regard to projects for the TYNDP 2016?

The consultation on the candidate list of projects closed 10 September 2015 On 9 November ENTSO-E published the final TYNDP 2016 list of projects which are to be assessed in the frame of TYNDP.

In case a project is not included, what can a promoter do?

The promoter is encouraged to apply in the TYNDP call for projects. Which for the TYNDP 2018 is to take place in spring 2017.

What happens to projects after inclusion in the TYNDP?

All TYNDP projects are assessed using the European Commission adopted Cost Benefit Analysis methodology. Results of the assessment are published in the TYNDP report.

Where can I find the list of projects included in earlier TYNDPs and monitor their progress?

ENTSO-E publishes regularly monitoring updates on the status of earlier TYNDP editions. In addition the list of projects assessed within the TYNDP frame are available the TYNDP maps and data page.

What were the conditions for inclusion in the TYNDP 2016?

The conditions for inclusion in TYNDP 2016 are based on the European Commission draft guidelines for inlcusion of projects in the TYNDP.