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Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2016 - How did we improve

The TYNDP 2016 now is final and is currently with  ACER for the Agency official opinion. During the last two years ENTSO-E experts, from all over Europe, worked together to develop the European plan. Compared to the previous version ENTSO-E had inproved in the following respects:

Increased the transparency and readability of the TYNDP

The TYNDP 2016 comes under the form of a package where the main messages are presented in the Executive summary and more concise information on different topics in the 12 insight reports along with the projects sheets of all the TYNDP 2016 proejcts. In addition ENTSO-E is publishing more input and output data of the planning exercise including the network data. All the data, including the interactive map can be accessed here:http://tyndp.entsoe.eu/reference/#downloads.


Include projects in the TYNDP based on the available EC guidelines

Starting with the TYNDP 2016, all the projects belonging to ENTSO-E or non ENTSO-E members follow the same process and inclusion criteria as stated in the EC guidelines for inclusion of project in the TYNDP. For 1 month, during April 2015, all the project promoters, ENTSO-E as wel as non-ENTSO-E members, had the opportunity to submit their project for inclusion in the TYNDP 2016. The resulted candidate list of projects was consulted during summer 2015.

The final list of projects which are to be assessed under the TYNDP 2016 framework along with the report on consultation can be accessed below:


Update 2030 visions and added one new 2020 scenarios

The TYNDP 2016 will concentrate on two time horizons: 2020 and 2030. The four 2030 visions and the 2020 scenario used frame what the electricity landscape will look like in 2020 respectively 2030 have been reviewed and consulted upon during sumemr 2015.

Based on the results of the consultation the visions along with the associated market data were finalise and can be accessed below. 

Final TYNDP 2016 scenarios and the consultation outcomes


  • ​Publish the Regional Investment Plans one year in advance of the TYNDP 2016 package

  • The six ENTSO-E Regional Investment Plans were developed from September 2014 to June 2015 as part of the TYNDP 2016. These reports include the main infrastructure challenges and needs of every region in Europe by 2030. They were consulted during summer 2015 and the final versions can be accesed below.



Project assessment based on the approved EC CBA methodology

The Cost Benefit Analysis Methodology approved by the European Commission on 4 February 2015 represents the base for the CBA assessment for all the TYNDP 2016 projects. The CBA assessment of all the TYNDP projects can be downloaded from here.


Publish a new monitoring report of the TYNDP projects

The latest monitoring report was publised in July 205 and highlights the progress of the TYNDP 2014 projects. This contains information on the status of the projects and explanation of what is behind the changes. In order to have more information on the monitoring exercise of the TYNDP and download the monitoring reports please go to the TYNDP monitoring page.