Product Roadmap



Touchpoints from productisation

Major release items


ECP 4.8.2 EDX 1.9.2
  • Trainings & videos
  • Roadmap 12–18-month view
  • Enhance Testing
  • Improve Tools & Methodology
  • Improve the operational monitoring of ECCo SP
  • Prometheus KPIs from the ECP/EDX components
  • Pre-prepared dashboards for Prometheus/ Kibana/ Graphana
  • Improve the EDX DMS
  • Reduce backlog


ECP 4.9 EDX 1.10
  • Sandbox Environment
  • Adopt ITIL light
  • Security by design (SSDLC)
  • Vendor Competition
  • Enhance ECP capabilities
  • EDX Network management optimizations
  • ECCo SP Connectivity Check
  • Built-in queue management in the ECP/EDX components
  • Improve harmonization of versions
  • Kubernetes support?


ECP 4.10 EDX 1.11
  • Roadmap 18-24 months
  • Localisation Dev
  • Improve SLA
  • Service catalogue
  • Kubernetes support?
  • Ease the installation/upgrade process
  • Re-assess the advantages of having EDX
  • Re-assess CDS utility and future


ECP 4.11 EDX 1.12
  • Plan 23
  • Collaboration forum
  • Budget 2023
  • Improve quality and performance
  • Artemis ActiveMQ integration?
  • Implement bottleneck throttling
  • Full components deployed in a High Availability setup


ECP 5.0? EDX 2.0?
  • Roadmap 24-36 months
  • Open governance
  • Revise service catalogue
  • 1 Single package?
  • Open the applications
  • ajor version upgrade
  • ECP & EDX Apps integrated as one single product (ECCo SP)?
User symposium
Technical symposium
Annual Security and Performance review
Last updated: 3 August 2022


What is productisation?

Productisation is the process of packaging previously developed software with a set of managed support services, to provide a cohesive and standardised offering to customers; in a way that it can be more easily managed and controlled, further developed and appropriately supported – across a wider base of usage.

Why productise ECCo SP?

Firstly, it allows ENTSO-E to maintain a high-quality of services while serving more customers;

Secondly, it allows a better and longer-term roadmap (and funding) to be developed for the ECCo SP software which is outside of the current project-development environment;

Thirdly, it allows ENTSO-E to, potentially, offer a more differentiated level of support and development for different customers, users and organisations and

Fourthly, it increases the control, the management and the negotiating power with vendor(s).

How do we make the productisation of ECCo SP happen?

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Initial recommendation: The 3 C’s – Capability, Consolidate, Collaboration

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Action plan

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