ENTSO-E invites all interested parties to submit projects of transmission or storage infrastructure for inclusion in the Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2024. Inclusion in the TYNDP is a precondition for transmission and storage projects to apply to obtain status of European Projects of Common Interest or Project of Mutual Interest.

ENTSO-E’s TYNDP is the pan-European electricity infrastructure development plan. It links, supports, and complements national grid development plans by providing a wide European vision of the future power system and investigates how power links and storage can be used to make the energy transition happen in a cost-effective and secure way. ENTSO-E will perform a cost-benefit analysis of selected projects against multiple indicators, and will release the results of the assessment in the draft TYNDP 2024 for public consultation in Q3 2024.

Projects submitted by October 16 will be checked against requirements for inclusion in TYNDP 2024, specified in the Guidance for applicants – Criteria for applications and their treatment. This document, submitted to public consultation in July-August 2023 and released in its final version on 8 September, specifies the procedure and timeline to submit a project, the documents and information required, and the use and circulation of the information submitted.

Additional documents available to promoters include:

  • User guide of the TYNDP projects platform: this documents explains how to use the platform and flags a few tips and points for attention when editing or creating a project;
  • FAQ for promoters: this document will be updated regularly throughout the submission window, and later during the TYNDP process to include all frequent questions from promoters
  • Promoters are also advised to read the draft TYNDP 2024 Implementation Guidelines, currently under public consultation, for information on specific aspects of the CBA methodology.

Submission of projects is done through the TYNDP 2024 projects platform. To receive credentials to access the platform or for any question, please contact our SPOC Giulio La Pera. Interested promoters may also join our webinar on Friday 22 September, where our team will be available to answer questions.