ENTSO-E Summer Outlook 2023: No major adequacy risks identified in Europe for the summer period. The adequacy situation and other security processes are continuously monitored by TSOs and preparations for winter 2023-2024 are underway.

Brussels, 31 May 2023 – ENTSO-E publishes today its adequacy assessment report for summer 2023. The assessment confirms that generation capacity in Europe to supply consumers is sufficient to meet the energy needs during the summer months. However, some countries may have to rely on imports; especially in the scenario in which some generation units may have unplanned outages and renewable generation would be particularly low.

In cooperation with ENTSOG, the report also looks retrospectively at the previous winter period (2022-2023) and anticipates elements for attention for the upcoming winter 2023-2024.The winter outlook 2023-2024 report will be released in November 2023. ENTSO-E continues the monitoring in terms of how the situation in the energy sector is developing. ENTSO-E members are ready to take actions if necessary.

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