• ENTSO-E Summer Outlook 2022: no major risks for Europe’s electricity supply this summer.
  • ENTSO-E & ENTSOG closely cooperate to measure the impact of possible gas disruption on electricity generation. A gas shortage for electricity generation is unlikely this summer.
  • ENTSO-E is working on early and regular analyses of electricity security of supply for this winter & emphasises the need for anticipation and close coordination in Europe.

Based on information collected from ENTSO-E Member TSOs and taking into account the results of the ENTSOG Summer Outlook1, gas shortage for electricity generation is unlikely during the summer even in the case of Russian gas disruption. Also ENTSO-E emphasises the need for a thorough follow-up on the requirements for gas storage this summer, as well as other coordinated preparedness measures for next winter.

Early analysis for the upcoming winter

ENTSO-E’s Summer Outlook includes an early analysis of the impact on electricity generation in case of a gas supply disruption. This early assessment shows that:

  • A significant volume of gas is needed for electricity adequacy in Europe and electricity supply could be impacted if gas supply becomes scarce in Europe. The impact depends notably on how well Europe is prepared for the winter and how gas is prioritized across consumers.
  • The minimum critical dependency on gas for power generation varies a lot across European countries and alternative supply fuels are only limited. In case of gas disruption, solidarity among countries will be key.

In addition to the focus on possible gas disruption, European TSOs give special attention to possible low nuclear generation availability in France this winter.

In view of the current energy context, European TSOs continue with early coordinated adequacy assessments for the winter. Early discussions with relevant stakeholders also need to be carried out and ENTSO-E will continue closely liaising with the European Commission, the European Electricity Coordination Group, ACER, ENTSOG, and the Member States to inform of the latest projections about the coming winter and exchange on the mitigation measures taken at national and regional levels as coordination over the coming months will be of major importance.

Summer Outlook