All NEMOs and TSOs are proud to announce the implementation of a new governance structure where cooperation among NEMOs and TSOs is taken to another level with the creation of a new joint structure. The first meeting of the newly formed MCSC (Market Coupling Steering Committee) took place on 2 - 3 February 2022.

All NEMOs and TSOs have been working incessantly over recent years to achieve a truly integrated European electricity market. This is reflected in the way forward to a new governance structure that entered into force on 14th January 2022. By integrating the decision making for both the day-ahead and intraday timeframe, the new structure will ensure further coordination, foster efficiency and create a faster decision-making mechanism.

Rafael Gómez-Elvira González, Chairman of the All NEMO Committee and Kjell A. Barmsnes, Chairman of ALL TSOs via the ENTSO-E Market Committee, highlighted that, for the energy sector, times are rapidly changing and NEMOs and TSOs are mindful of their role in achieving a fully integrated European electricity market. The Green Deal, a higher penetration of RES and more proactive consumers and market participants, means that the NEMOs and TSOs felt the need to act now to provide improved governance, operational developments and greater collaboration with all stakeholders.

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