Frequency deviations develop due to a discrepancy between demand and generation and are as such inherent to normal system operation of the interconnected pan-European power grid.

The present extraordinary situation, observed since 11 December 2021, is induced by the imbalances in some control areas and control blocks, most notably in the South-East region of the European continent.

The root-cause of these imbalances is insufficient local generation to cover demand. According to the initial analyses performed by ENTSO-E, this specific root-cause could be solved within the system operation procedures of the affected regions. Thanks to the operational solidarity of the TSO community, these imbalances are at present not affecting the security of the interconnected power system of Continental Europe. Nevertheless they need to be resolved as soon as possible and in a sustainable manner.

Other parts of the Continental Europe power system may currently contribute to these frequency deviations, but to a much lesser extent. The Continental Europe TSOs monitor closely the root-causes for the frequency deviations from the various areas of Europe and are continuously undertaking measures to remedy and adequately manage these deviations.

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