ENTSO-E is looking forward to cooperating with the EU DSO Entity in the fulfilment of our respective legal mandates in the interest of European consumers and society as a whole.

The EU DSO Entity has been set up by close to nine hundred DSOs in Europe under Regulation (EU) 2019/943 “in order to increase efficiency in the electricity distribution networks in the Union and to ensure close cooperation with TSOs and the ENTSO-E for electricity”.

Cooperation between Transmission and Distribution System Operators is central to manage increased variability in the electricity system, enable customer choice and leverage the potential provided by new market participants. The Transmission & Distribution interface is enabling the integration of a growing share of renewable energy while maintaining system security, sustainability, and affordability. By doing so, it is contributing to the European Green Deal and to reaching climate-neutrality by 2050.

ENTSO-E and existing EU DSO associations (CEDEC, E.DSO, Eurelectric and GEODE) already cooperate under a Memorandum of Understanding that led to important work among others on data and active system management and a roadmap on system planning and development. The cooperation between ENTSO-E and the four DSO associations also took place within the “distribution and transmission cooperation platform” initiated by the European Commission. Based on this long history, ENTSO-E welcomes the EU DSO Entity and is looking forward to continued cooperation.

ENTSO-E congratulates all the elected Members of the EU DSO Entity Board of Directors and the elected President and Vice-Presidents and wishes every success to the new Association.



ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, is the association for the cooperation of the European transmission system operators (TSOs). The 42 member TSOs representing 35 countries are responsible for the secure and coordinated operation of Europe’s electricity system, the largest interconnected electrical grid in the world. In addition to its core, historical role in technical cooperation, ENTSO-E is also the common voice of TSOs.

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