​ENTSO-E conducted, along with European and American vendors and Transmission System Operators (TSOs), a common information model (CIM) interoperability test (IOP) — ENTSO-E IOP “CIM for System Development and Operations” 2016. The test was organised and directed by ENTSO-E from 11 to 15 July 2016 at ENTSO-E’s premises, in Brussels.

The future ENTSO-E CIM-based data exchange format, ENTSO-E Common Grid Model Exchange Specification (CGMES), which is based on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) CIM standards 61970 (parts 301, 302, 452, 453, 456, 457, 552), was tested in this IOP on a large number of products. The test is a part of the development process of the ENTSO-E Common Grid Model Exchange Standard.

Key goals were to test and validate the latest IEC draft CIM standards on which ENTSO-E bases the new version of the ENTSO-E CGMES.

The following companies participated with their tools in the testing: ABB, CESI, DIgSILENT, EDF, FGH, Neplan, Nexant, Open Grid Systems, RTE/Tractebel, Siemens, and Simtec.

The results achieved during the test are in line with the expectations of the participants. The test results are summarised and presented in detail in this report showing the specific tests successfully completed by each vendor and the test case files that they have exchanged.

Issues recorded during the testing and proposed resolutions are included in the IOP report, along with some guidelines on how to implement the CIM standards within the TSO/utility enterprise. Details on the test procedures and discussed topics are included in the report appendices.

The IOP participants have approved the report, making it a basis for further discussions in the ENTSO-E Committees as well as in the IEC TC57/WG13. The implementation schedule for the CGMES 2.5 is subject to an ENTSO-E decision later this year.

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