Trans European Replacement Reserves Exchange (TERRE) is the European implementation project for exchanging replacement reserves in line with the Guideline on Electricity Balancing. The aim of TERRE is to build the RR Platform and set up the European RR balancing energy market in order to create a harmonized playing fields for the Market Participants.

Project Introduction

The Guideline on Electricity Balancing (GLEB), entered into force on December 18th 2017, defines tasks and a timeline for the implementation of the European platform for the exchange of balancing energy from Replacement Reserves (RR).

The GLEB defines framework for common European technical, operational and market rules for a cross border balancing market. This market serves the purpose to secure economically efficient purchase and in time activation of regulation energy by simultaneously ensuring the financial neutrality of the TSOs. Important means to achieve these goals are the harmonization of the balancing energy products and a close cooperation of the TSOs on regional and European level.

To support the implementation of the Guideline on Electricity Balancing (GL EB), several pilot initiatives have been set up. TERRE project was the selected one for RR process.

The TERRE project is the most advanced project which implements such European platform and harmonizes the balancing market parties’ treatment (balancing rules). In 2016, TERRE project has been approved by ENTSO-E as an Implementation Project and to become the European platform for the exchange of balancing energy from replacement reserves and is closely monitored by the NRAs and ACER.

TERRE is also aiming to share its experience and best practices with other European balancing projects.

At present, the TERRE project has launched the implementation phase under a Cooperation Agreement (CA) between the TSOs. This phase includes the development of the common European RR platform, the follow-up of the local implementation by the participants, the preparation for the parallel testing and the Go-live.

The TSOs will also develop an IT platform (and algorithmic optimisation), named LIBRA, which will support the European “RR market”. The LIBRA platform will be owned by the TSOs, and can be used in other balancing processes frameworks.

TERRE members

Currently the TERRE project exists of 11 TSO of which 6 full members. It is expected that in the future additional TSOs, using the RR product will join the project as well. In addition, the TERRE project remains open for TSOs which would like to become observers.

Stakeholder events

The stakeholders’ involvement and support are structural for the TERRE project and all European stakeholders are invited to participate to the workshops.

Previous stakeholder events:

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The TERRE project performed several public consultations:


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