Expert Groups

The Grid Connection European Stakeholder Committee (GC ESC) in accordance with its Terms of References (“Terms of Reference for the Grid Connection European Stakeholder Committee” (GC ESC ToR)), is a platform to share and document important views on the CNCs implementation, to trigger discussions around challenges that have been encountered, and exchange about the solutions developed and lessons learnt to address these challenges.

To best organise this work, it appears to the GC ESC useful to create dedicated groups of experts on topics for which the need for a particular focus of attention is identified. Below the Terms of Reference of those Expert Groups (GC EGs TOR) is provided.

In accordance with the GC ESC ToR, the ESC Chair, acting upon a recommendation of the ESC, can propose the creation of time-limited or longer-term EGs, which will focus on specific issues and projects or groups of projects. The topics should reflect considerations with relevance to CNCs, as recommended by the GC ESC.

The ongoing EGs can be found below. For each EG, the Annex is provided, which also covers the scope of work, the list of members of the EG and the expected deliverables.

Terms of Reference Grid Connection Expert Groups