The liberalisation of power markets has led to substantial changes in the way electricity is generated and used. It created competition in a traditionally monopolistic and conservative industry, allowing new business models to emerge and new players to challenge incumbent utilities. The renewable energy revolution, together with customer empowerment and growing demand flexibility, continues to force change on Europe’s unique power system.

The market is divided into bidding zones, and is based on the assumption that trading opportunities within those zones are unlimited. Some argue, however, that trade between bidding zones is limited to the level of cross-border capacity.

Join this EURACTIV debate to discuss how Europe’s power system can best be managed to create savings on electricity generation, decrease CO2 emissions, and benefit EU consumers.

Confirmed panellists:

Catharina Sikow –Magny, Head of Unit, Networks & Regional Initiatives, DG Energy, European Commission

Eryk Klossowski, CEO, Polish Power System (PSE)

Pascale Fonck, Vice-Chair of the Board, ENTSO-E

You can find the full programme here.