Our Mandates

The Clean Energy Package (CEP)

Adopted in the course of 2019, the Clean Energy Package is a set of eight legislative acts as well as other initiatives and measures aimed at facilitating the clean energy transition. The main focus points for ENTSO-E within the CEP are the following:

  • Electricity Regulation & Risk Preparedness;
  • Regional coordination centres;
  • Pan-European resource adequacy assessment;
  • New Network Codes.

The Third Energy Package

The Third Energy Package is a set of two European directives and three regulations. The Regulation that stipulates ENTSO-E’s tasks and responsibilities is Regulation (EC) 714/2009 on conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity. The regulation sets out ENTSO-E’s responsibilities in enhancing the cooperation between its 41 member TSOs across the EU to assist in the development of a pan-European electricity transmission network in line with European Union energy policy goals. These include:

  • ensuring the secure and reliable operation of the increasingly complex network;
  • facilitating cross-border network development and the integration of RES;
  • enhancing the creation of the Internal Electricity Market, IEM.

To achieve these, the Regulation provides ENTSO-E with a tool box of tasks and responsibilities, including network codes, infrastructure planning and adequacy forecasts.

Inter-TSO Compensation Mechanism

Regulation (EU) 838/2010 on guidelines relating to the inter-TSO compensation mechanism sets out the compensation methodology TSOs receive for the costs incurred as a result of hosting cross-border flows of electricity. In compensating TSOs for these costs, the mechanism aims to incentivise the hosting of cross-border flows and facilitate the creation of an effectively competitive pan-European electricity market.

TEN-E Guidelines

Regulation (EU) 347/2013 on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure came in force in April 2013. The Regulation defines European Projects of Common Interest, PCIs, which are electricity projects that have significant benefits for at least two Member States. It also stipulates that ENTSO-E’s ten-year network development plan, TYNDP, be the sole basis for the selection of PCIs. ENTSO-E is also mandated to develop a corresponding cost-benefit methodology for the assessment of transmission infrastructure projects.

Transparency Regulation

Regulation (EU) 543/2013 on submission and publication of data in electricity markets, Transparency Regulation, came in force in June 2013. It requires ENTSO-E to redesign and significantly upgrade its existing transparency platform https://transparency.entsoe.eu/. ENTSO-E’s new central information platform will be operational in January 2015, providing fundamental market data on generation, load, transmission, outages, balancing, etc.

For a full list of the ENTSO-E and the TSOs’ mandates under EU legislation, please consult our Annual Work Programme