ENTSO-E is governed by an Assembly representing the 43 Transmission System Operators and by a Board consisting of 12 elected members.

Position in ENTSO-ENameMember CompanyCountry
President of the AssemblyHervé LaffayeRTEFrance
Vice-President of the AssemblyZbyněk BoldišČEPSCzech Republic
Chair of the BoardJoachim VanzettaAmprionGermany
Vice-Chair of the BoardTo be elected in the first regular Board meeting
Member of the BoardPascale FonckEliaBelgium
Member of the BoardGuido GuidaTernaItaly
Member of the BoardFrank-Peter HansenTenneT TSO BVNetherlands
Member of the BoardMichael JesbergerTransnetBWGermany
Member of the BoardSøren Dupont KristensenEnerginetDenmark
Member of the BoardManos ManousakisIPTOGreece
Member of the BoardRobert PaprockiPSEPoland
Member of the BoardEduardo PrietoREESpain
Member of the BoardFintan SlyeNational GridUK
Member of the BoardDaivis VirbickasLitgridLithuania
Member of the BoardYves ZumwaldSwissgridSwitzerland
Legal and Regulatory Group ChairInés de la BarredaREESpain
Market Committee ChairKonrad PurchałaPSEPoland
Research, Development & Innovation Committee ChairHakon BorgenStatnettNorway
System Development Committee ChairDimitrios ChaniotisRTEFrance
System Operations Committee ChairTahir KapetanovicAPGAustria


ENTSO-E was formally established and given legal mandates by the EU’s Third Energy Package, which was adopted in July 2009. Although the Third Energy Package did not formally apply until March 2011, ENTSO-E was created in December 2008 and fully operational as of July 2009.

In December 2010, in order to be fully compliant with the obligations under Article 5 of Regulation (EC) No 714/2009 regarding the establishment of the Association, ENTSO-E submitted its Articles of Association and Internal Regulations to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the European Commission (EC). Based on the opinions formulated by ACER and the EC, ENTSO-E’s Assembly adapted the documents in June 2011.

The Articles of Association and Internal Regulations were further reviewed and improved in September 2014.

The Articles of Association govern, among others, the operation of ENTSO-E, its membership, the roles and relationships between the various ENTSO-E’s bodies and the distribution of voting rights between the members.

The Internal Regulations complements the Article of Association by defining the practical and technical rules and procedures governing the operations of the Association.