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System Adequacy and Market Modelling

Regulation (EC) 714/2009 requires ENTSO-E to include a European generation adequacy outlook in the Community-wide ten-year network development plan (TYNDP) and to adopt summer and winter generation adequacy outlook reports. The working group System Adequacy and Market Modelling (WG SAMM) is responsible for the assessment of system adequacy, and for the preparation of the related reports.

Adequacy assessment is a fundamental way of measuring whether the generation of electricity in a system meets the expected requirements and energy demand at a certain point in time.

Currently, two adequacy forecast reports are published by ENTSO-E, each one with a specific time horizon:

  • ENTSO-E Winter and Summer Outlook Reports focus on exploring the main risks identified within a seasonal period, highlighting the possibilities for neighbouring countries to contribute to the generation/demand balance in critical situations. These reports consider uncertainties such as climatic conditions and outages, as well as other risks incurred by the system including the evolution of load, load-management, generation capacities, and stability issues.
    The purpose of these reports is to provide a platform for information exchange amongst TSOs, promote discussion on transparency, and inform stakeholders on the potential system risks so appropriate decisions can be made on topics such as maintenance schedules, postponement in decommissioning, and stakeholder awareness about levels of adequacy.
    Current and past reports can be found on the Outlook Reports page

  • ENTSO-E Scenario Outlook and Adequacy Forecast (SO&AF) Reports include a mid to long-term assessment of the main risks incurred by the transmission system: the evolution of load, the commissioning and decommissioning of generation and load management capacities, the energy policies related to efficiency measures, and especially the energy mix.
    These yearly reports aim at providing input for investment and energy policy decisions such as commission and decommissioning plans, political support schemes as well improving stakeholder awareness about forecasted levels of adequacy. The SO&AF has been developed as the successor to the former UCTE System Adequacy Forecast and ETSO Power System Adequacy report.
    Current and past reports can be found on the Adequacy Forecasts page

The integration of large amounts of renewable energy sources, the completion of the internal electricity market, as well as new storage technologies, demand side response, and evolving energy policies require revised adequacy assessment methodologies. ENTSO-E is therefore working to improve its existing adequacy methodology with a special emphasis on harmonised inputs, system flexibility and interconnection assessments.

In addition to compiling these reports on an annual basis, WG SAMM is also responsible for the pan-European Market Database (PEMMDB) which is an essential input for the market studies developed within the Regional Groups’ and TYNDP grid development activities. 

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