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European Planning Standards and Connection Codes

The main mission of the WG European Planning Standards and Connection Codes (EPS&CC) is to deliver European Grid Connection Network Codes in line with the corresponding ACER framework guidelines. The aim is to provide a secure, adequate, economic and environmentally sustainable European grid and interface to its customers (generators, demand and HVDC). WG EPS&CC’ objectives are threefold:
  • Elaborating network codes on cross-border issues that are to become legally binding through Comitology, in line with the corresponding framework guidelines (FWGL) to be drafted by the Agency for the Coordination of Energy Regulators (ACER);
  • Advancing works on planning standards to bring together the planning approaches of  different TSOs;
  • Supporting the development of the TYNDP in the following areas:
    • Guidelines on selecting network planning cases for decision as a basis for the investigation of grid reinforcements by the RGs;
    • Guidelines on assessing impacts of projects for the Regional Investment Plans and the TYNDP.
For more information on the WG EPS&CC please contact Edwin Haesen: edwin.haesen@entsoe.eu.