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Common Information Model (CIM) Activities

ENTSO-E’s members are implementing CIM standards in order to improve the quality of network models and to increase the efficiency of data and model exchanges among the member TSOs and with the Secretariat. A major reason why this world-wide (IEC) standard is important for ENTSO-E is that different TSOs use different tools with different input formats for power system studies. ENTSO-E agreed on a roadmap for the implementation of future updates of the CIM-based format for exchanges of system operations and system studies.

Moreover, ENTSO-E is organizing interoperability tests to demonstrate interoperability using the ENTSO-E CIM-based data exchange format and the IEC CIM-based standard. The tests are also designed in order to allow vendors to verify the correctness of the implementation of the updated CIM standard and to support ENTSO-E processes towards achieving the objectives given to ENTSO-E by the EU’s 3rd Energy Package.

The adoption of the ENTSO-E CIM interoperability tests and the CIM/XML-based data exchange format is a direct contribution to the ENTSO-E tasks defined by the EU. The experience gained from the process of developing and implementing CIM-based standards will directly contribute to the future network code development as data exchange processes will be part of several network codes.

For additional details, please visit the CIM pages in the Major Projects section of this website.

For more information, please contact Chavdar Ivanov: chavdar.ivanov@entsoe.eu.