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Asset Implementation and Management

​​The objective of the Working Group Asset Implementation and Management (WG AIM) is to develop and coordinate recommendations in relation to asset implementation and management, to support the implementation of assets identified in the development plans, and to promote new technologies for existing grids.

Asset management is one of the core business activities of transmission system operators. It focuses on maintaining healthy, robust and cost effective network infrastructures and ensuring high security of power supply. This activity has a significant impact on the system investment and operation, which accounts for 85% of annual expenditure.

Asset Management is defined as the systematic and coordinated activities and practices through which a TSO optimally develops and manages its assets and their associated performance, risks and expenditures over their lifecycle to fulfil the requirements and needs of grid users in a safe, secure, sustainable, environmental and efficient manner.

Key areas of work for WG AIM are:

  • Find harmonised positions on asset implementation and management issues including permitting procedure and environmental requirements and standards

  • Propose position papers for advocating on European legislation initiatives regarding above mentioned asset implementation and management topics

  • Promote information exchanges on best practices and experiences

  • Identify opportunities and risks associated with new technologies in close relationship with the Research and Innovation activities

  • Benchmark and review current experience on asset implementation and management including comparison of maintenance strategies, permitting procedures and environmental requirements For more information please contact Ioannis Theologitis: Ioannis.Theologitis@entsoe.eu​

Guide for implementing Directive 2013/35/EU on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields)

The document is intended to help European TSOs to implement the Directive. The objective is to explain how to assess exposure and to evaluate compliance, and to indicate the most critical situations for transmission activities and formulate possible measures to be taken.


Real-life implementation of electricity projects of common interest – best practices

This report is based on expert knowledge, a survey of selected PCI projects that are close to construction or in the permission process, and real-life experiences of TSOs in implementing other transmission projects.

It provide examples of best practices in public consultation and consent for real-life project implementation and summarises key recommendations to the Infrastructure Forum and TSOs.

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Position papers