The Framework for energy market communications ‘’Market data exchanges guidelines for the IEC 62325-351 European Style Market profile (IEC 62325-503)‘’ provides guidelines to exchange messages among different actors in the European Internal Energy Market (IEM). A European market participant (trader, distribution utilities, etc.) could thus benefit from a single, common, harmonised and secure platform for message exchange with European Transmission System Operators (TSOs); thus reducing the cost of building different IT interface platforms.

This Technical Specification represents an important step to facilitate the entry of parties into electricity markets other than their national markets, as they could use the same or similar information exchange system to participate in more than one European national or regional market. This Technical Specification reflects ENTSO-E’s Market Data Exchange Standard (MADES), which is also one of the two preferred ways of exchange within ENTSO-E’s future central information transparency platform.


Since 2009, ENTSO-E has supported the integration, at an International level, of Member TSOs’ business requirements and use cases into the Common Information Model (CIM), and contributions to its further development. For market-related exchanges, this has been accomplished through ENTSO-E’s liaison with IEC TC 57’s WG 16.

The International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57 (Power System Management and Associated Information Exchange) is currently developing the IEC 62325 series of standards for the exchange of data required by deregulated energy markets. The Working Group 16, Deregulated Energy Markets is developing these standards, which act as a framework for energy market communications encompassing two styles of markets, the European-Style markets and North American-Style markets.

For Europe’s internal electricity market (IEM) the IEC 62325-351, the “CIM European market model exchange profile” International Standard and the set of the IEC 62325-451-‘X’ standards, which are based on this CIM profile and target specific business processes, are being maintained and developed.

ENTSO-E thanks its Members for their support in bringing TSO requirements into the CIM, working towards the harmonisation and implementation of standardised electronic data interchange. For further information on the CIM for the electricity market and ENTSO-E’s related activities, please contact Ioannis Retsoulis, Data Exchange Standards & Interoperability Advisor.

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