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R&D Roadmap 2017-2026

​​​​​​The R&D Roadmap 2017-2026 is the third Roadmap published by ENTSO-E and outlines a methodology that contributes to achieving the European climate energy objectives defined in the European Union’s “20-20-20” targets and the European Commission’s Roadmap 2050. It lays the groundwork for the upcoming electricity highways, smart grids and for the change to a low-carbon electricity system.

Within the Roadmap, six distinct yet interdependent R&D clusters serve to focus and differentiate the many tasks required to address the challenges of Europe’s rapidly shifting energy paradigm. Each cluster helps facilitate collaboration between European TSOs, industry and research institutes while collectively they provide a shared repository of ideas.

  • C1 Power System Modernisation
  • C2 Security and System Stability
  • C3 Power System Flexibility
  • C4 Power System Economics & Efficiency
  • C5 ICT & Digitalisation of Power System

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Key Findings

  • R&D investments bring enormous benefits: The size of the investments required for effective TSO R&D is relatively small yet the potential long- term benefits of R&D work are enormous. Through pan-European R&D, transmission operators will be in position to progressively identify new functionality and technology needs for the networks in a more coordinated fashion. Furthermore, R&D provides a means of mitigating the potential risks of failures in energy policies and infrastructure investment.
  • Only adequately funded R&D returns cost effective and advanced solutions: A long-term solution for financing TSO R&D (through energy tariffs or other means) is vital to foster investment in innovation. The current situation of relying on public financing has led to chronic underfunding of R&D.

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