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R&D Implementation Plan 2016-2018

Within the framework of the ten-year R&D Roadmap 2013–2022, the ENTSO-E R&D Implementation Plan identifies the research and development actions needed by TSOs while taking into account the fast evolutions of the European political context.

In its third edition, the ENTSO-E R&D Implementation Plan 2016-2018 showcases TSOs led activities for the period 2016 -2018 relating to:  

  • the integration of storage into the electricity system;
  • innovative control systems;
  • power market operations; and
  • the much needed cooperation between TSOs and DSOs on demand-side response and balancing/ancillary services.

What the Implementation Plan 2016-2018 highlights is the growing disconnection between the ambition of EU for Europe's electricity power grid, the need for more research and innovation in transmission systems, and the actual funding available. ENTSO-E calls for greater harmonisation of regulatory frameworks at EU level and for national transmission tariffs allowing TSOs to invest more in R&D and prepare the electricity networks of the future.

The Implementation Plan takes stock of TSO-led research against the objectives set by the EU (the SET-Plan Integrated Roadmap and Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation).

A lot of the projects included in the Implementation Plan will be showcased at the 'not-to-be-missed' electricity grids R&D conference Innogrid2020+.

Download the R&D Implementation Plan 2016-2018

For any question on the report, please contact Norela Constantinescu.

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