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Order an ENTSO-E Grid Map



​​ ​​​​​This page provides the details required to obtain the latest versions of the ENTSO-E Interconnected Network System Grid Maps. Electronic maps are free of charge, while paper versions are available for purchase.​​


Electronic Version

The following electronic 2015 ENTSO-E Interconnected Network Maps are available for download free of charge subject to terms of use as in our disclaimer.

Paper Versions

  • Hard copies of the 2015 ENTSO-E Interconnected Network, the Interconnected Network of Continental Europe and the Interconnected Network of Northern Europe Grid Maps can be purchased through this order form. Further details are given below.

The ENTSO-E Interconnected Network Grid Map shows plants, stations, existing high-voltage overhead lines and those under construction with towers designed for voltages of 220 kV and higher, and 110 kV to 150 kV if these lines cross national frontiers.

The 2015 ENTSO-E Interconnected Network Grid Map is available for purchase in two sizes through the order form:
  • Small map (scale: 1:5.000.000, size 104.5 x 94.8 cm €40)
  • Large map (scale: 1:4.000.000, size 131.1 x 116.9 cm €60)

The 2015 Interconnected Network of Continental Europe Grid Map showing synchronously connected power systems is available for purchase in two sizes through the order form:
  • Small map (scale: 1:5.000.000, size 82.0 x 59.1 cm €40)
  • Large map (scale: 1:2.500.000, size 161.1 x 116.5 cm €60)

The 2015 Interconnected network of Northern Europe Grid Map showing the Scandinavian and Baltic countries is currently available in one size through the order form:
  • Map (scale: 1:3.000.000, size 67.6 x 69.5 cm €40)