Mid-term Adequacy Forecast 2017

The new edition of the ENTSO-E's mid term adequacy forecast is now published. A public consultation took place from 2 October to 10 November 2017.

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How we got here

The integration of large amounts of renewable energy sources (RES), the completion of the internal electricity market, as well as new storage technologies, demand side response and evolving policies require revised adequacy assessment methodologies.

Historically, the point with the highest load was chosen to assess generation adequacy, and the same approach was applied to evaluate the associated impacts on security of supply at a pan-European level. However, with the development of the energy generation mix, which means more fluctuating renewables in the system and less conventional fossil fuel generation, critical situations may occur in the future at different times than at peak demand.

ENTSO-E is therefore working to improve its existing adequacy methodology with a special emphasis on harmonised inputs, system flexibility and interconnection assessments.

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Previous Versions

In 2016 the Mid Term Adequacy Forecast replaced the Scenario Outlook & Adequacy Forecast (SO&AF). Below you can download these previous versions.