ENTSO-E is pleased to present the latest Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap 2024-2034. This strategic document outlines the crucial steps needed to transform Europe’s energy system into a sustainable, flexible, digitalised powerhouse, aligning with the EU’s climate and energy objectives.

The path towards a low-carbon energy system has provided over the past years clear long-term objectives for investment and technology developments to build a more sustainable and resilient power system.

As we enter this new European mandate, we look forward to a renewed European strategic agenda to drive forward the transformation of our energy sector towards the objective to continuing working towards a more affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe.

The latest RDI Roadmap for 2024-2034 sets out a decade-long mission to overcome the current challenges faced by the sector and strive for a power system for a carbon-neutral Europe.

The Roadmap outlines key research, development and innovation priorities for modernising the power grid over the next 10 years including three RDI clusters and six missions with more than 90 milestones to drive the evolution of the energy system. Each milestone represents a key achievement needed to keep the power system secure, adequate and cost efficient while facilitating the further integration of variable and distributed energy sources.

As one of ENTSO-E’s legal mandates, the RDI Roadmap 2024-2034 was subject to a public consultation.

You can access the final publication here.